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Please pray for those listed here daily.  Also their are many in this world that are our brothers and sisters in Christ. They may live in parts of the world were being a Christian is outlawed. Please remember them in prayer also. 

Soldiers / missionaries

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Other Requests

 Faye  Sons salvation  Joe 
 Sharon Callie She's been diagnosed with lymphoma and is seriously ill. She has a tumor they are treating with chemotherapy. Her mother has said how much they feel comforted by the prayers that have been offered for her... so please add her to your intercessions.
JoJo Israel Seven  Please pray for the leaders, law makers, and judges of the United States that the Holy Spirit brings conviction upon them when decisions associated with God and freedom to worship in any capacity are laid before them. Amen.
Carl Malone
Mark Wisdom
Kevin Robertson Eero Motivation, Faith
Mike H   Salvation Pray Warrior  This prayer request can be viewed here due to its size
Ted     The Lord will lead me to do His will in ministry.  

New Tribes Mission Prayer Requests